Shipco deal sets sail


Shipco Transport was founded in 1988 and has organically grown into one of the world’s leading neutral NVOCCs. With its headquarters in Chatham, New Jersey, Shipco Transport operates more than 75 offices in over 30 countries across five continents and employs more than 2,200 people. The relationship with Shipco is one that will be of great benefit to all KC Liner Agencies clients and we look forward to a successful partnership.



The company's truly intermodal character, offering Air Freight, LCL and FCL Ocean Freight services, positions it as a “one stop” provider of worldwide transportation solutions. Shipco Transport is also a founding member of the Worldwide Alliance, an association of the world’s leading neutral NVOCCs, and the AirCargoGroup, a global organisation of neutral Air Freight wholesalers.

David Milne, Commercial Director of KC Group, said: “These strategic alliances bring together exclusive networks of like-minded companies ensuring a synergy of service at both ends of the shipping process. “KC Liner Agencies’ knowledge of the local Scottish market, together with our existing brands, offers Shipco partners and clients unprecedented coverage throughout Scotland.”

You can learn more about Shipco Transport here.

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