WSLA - The Wine and Spirits Logistics Alliance

KC Liner Agencies are the exclusive partner in the UK for The Wine and Spirits Logistics Alliance (WSLA). As a new Alliance forged by independent, driven, like minded, wine and spirit freight professionals looking to offer innovative solutions to the wines & spirits trade, we deliver a partnership approach with the industry.

Through its global position and coverage the WSLA offers a full suite of services and solutions regardless of beverage or location. We assist customers in all aspects of business from planning through to delivery – the WSLA can and does play a vital link in any part of its customers' supply chain by providing them with multiple development tools and processes to optimise every link of that chain.


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The aim has been to develop the WSLA brand into an organisation that focuses upon the ethic that ‘The Alliance is for the benefit of its customers and not for any one Alliance member’, and KC Liner is delighted to bring our expertise to the alliance. By embracing the alliance ethos we offer competitive and innovative services and solutions as we are not constricted in processes as you might expect to find in larger corporate business.

To discuss how KC Liner Agencies can support your drinks logistics supply chain, call +44 (0)141 420 1700


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